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Shallaki Tab
Joint & Musle Support*. INGREDIENTS: Boswelia sarata extract 375 mg. SUPPLEMENT FACTS:..
Diabetic Guard Cap
Balance Healthy Blood Sugar*. INGREDIENTS: Gurmar (GymnemaSylvestre) leaf, Jamun (Eugenia jambo..
Ashwagandha Tab
Anti Stress & Vitality*. INGREDIENTS: Withania somnifera extract 375 mg. SUPPLEMENT FA..
Copper Plate (Gayatri Mantra)
Made of pure copper. Light weight. For prayer. Engraved with Om Gayatri Mantra. Design and Size may ..
Brass Plate (Gayatri Mantra)
Made of pure brass. Light weight. Engraved with Om Gayatri Mantra. Design and Size May Differ. ..
Hangla (Food)
Bengali Cooking & Food Magazine. Monthly Issue. ..
Camphor is a colorless or a white crystal product obtained from the wood of the camphor tree.  ..
Yastimadhu Tab
Raspiratory Support*. INGREDIENTS: Glycyrrhiza glabra extract 375 mg. SUPPLEMENT FACTS: Se..
Turmeric Tab
Natural anti-oxidant & Immunity Support*. INGREDIENTS: Curcuma longa extract 375 mg. S..
Tagara Tab
Relax mind and promote sleep wellness*. INGREDIENTS: Velerian wallici extract 375 mg. SUPP..
Sena Leaves Tab
Natural laxative. Help relief constipation*. INGREDIENTS: Cassia angustifolia extract 375 mg.&n..
Punarnava Tab
Kidney & adernals support*. INGREDIENTS: Boehravia diffusa extract 375 mg. SUPPLEMENT ..
Manjistha Tab
Healthy blood and skin support*. INGREDIENTS: Rubia cordifolia extract 375 mg. SUPPLEMENT ..
Gymnema Tab
Balance Healthy Blood Sugar*. INGREDIENTS: Gymnema sylvestre (Gurmar) extract 375 mg. SUPP..
Goskhura Tab
Urninary tract support*. INGREDIENTS: Tribulus terrestris extract PACKED IN 375 mg.  ..