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Org.Ashwagandha + Gotukola Cap
Vitality & Mental Support*. INGREDIENTS: Organic Withania somnifera,  Centel..
Org.Ashoka Capsule
Menstruation regulator*. INGREDIENTS: Organic Saraca ashoka 500 mg. Packed in Vegetab..
Org.Yastimadhu (Licorice) Powder
Respiratory support*. INGREDIENTS: Organic Glycyrrhiza glabra (Licorice). &..
Org.Sitophaladi Powder
Help reduce excess Kapha and promote well being in cold*. INGREDIENTS: Made with Certified ..
Org.Punarnava Powder
Help Support proper function of kidney and adrenals*. INGREDIENTS: Organic Boerhaavia..
Org.Neem Powder
Help support healthy skin*. INGREDIENTS: Organic Azadirachta indica leaf.  ..
Org.Manjista Powder
Help support detoxification and healthy blood*. INGREDIENTS: Organic Rubia cordifolia..
Org.Gokhsura Powder
Help support urinary tract*. INGREDIENTS: Organic Tribulus terrestris. Supplemen..
Org.Ginger Powder
Help support digestive system and promote well being in cold*. INGREDIENTS: Organic Z..
Org.Moringa Powder
Help support proper function of joint*. INGREDIENTS: Organic Moringa pterygosperma&nb..
Org.Avipattikara Powder
Help promote healthy digestion and removes excess Pitta*. INGREDIENTS: Organic Zingib..
Org.Ashwagandha Powder
Help support vitality and strength*. INGREDIENTS: Organic Withania somnifera. Su..
Org.Arjuna Powder
Cardiovascular Support*. INGREDIENTS: Organic Terminalia arjuna  Supplements Fac..
Clear Complexion Brightening Face Wash (Himalaya)
With complexion enhancing saffron. Visibly brighter, clean glowing skin. Contains Licorice & Whi..
Holi Color: Purple
High quality Non Toxic festival colors. For external use only. Aprox Weight 100 gm. Key Ingredients:..