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AUTHOR: V.R. Ramchandra Dikshitar. DESCRIPTION: In Roman Transliteration with English Translation & ..
Mystic Songs of Meera
AUTHOR: V.K.Subramanian. DESCRIPTION: This book contains original text in Devanagari, side by side w..
Maxims of Vidur
AUTHOR: G.N.Das. DESCRIPTION: Vidura was so well up in knowledge of Dharma that he was given the app..
Maxims of Chanakya
AUTHOR: V.K.Subramanian. DESCRIPTION: Maxims of Chanakya is the crystallised wisdom of Chanakya, als..
Kautilya’s Arthashastra
AUTHOR: B.K.Chaturvedi. DESCRIPTION: Kautilya's Arhtashastra is a work of exceptional interest & val..