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Chyawanprash: From Vedic to Genomic Era
AUTHOR: Prof J.K. Ojha. DESCRIPTION: Contents: Prologue. 1. Antiquity of Chyawanprash. 2. Ingredient..
The Rudraksha Magic
AUTHOR: Dr. Mohan Makkar. DESCRIPTION: Rudraksha beads have unexplained & amazing powers. Everyone w..
The Practical Book of Reiki
AUTHOR: Rashmi Sharma. DESCRIPTION: Healing Through Universal Lifeforce Energy. This unique book is ..
The Magical Power of Chakra Healing
AUTHOR: Cyndi Dale. DESCRIPTION: Knowing the Inner Energy System. Imagine what a miracle it would be..
The Chakras & The Human Energy Fields
AUTHOR: Shafica Karagulla. DESCRIPTION: The authors presents experimental evidence that illness can ..
Secrets of the Pulse
AUTHOR: Dr. Vasant Lad. DESCRIPTION: Thousands of years ago, Ayurveda described multiple levels of t..
Secrets of Marma
AUTHOR: Dr. Avinash Lele, Dr. Subhash Ranade, Dr. David Frawley. DESCRIPTION: The Lost Secrets of Ay..
Pranayama: A Conscious Way of Breathing
AUTHOR: Ranjit Sen Gupta. DESCRIPTION: Pranayama is the conscious perception and guidance of life en..
Naturopathy for the Elderly
AUTHOR: H.K.Bakhru. DESCRIPTION: This book deals with diseases commonly prevalent in the elderly & p..
Naturopathy for Longevity
AUTHOR: Dr. H.K. Bakhru. DESCRIPTION: This book deals with diseases commonly prevalent in the elderl..
Mudra Vigyan
AUTHOR: Pt. Rajnikant Upadhyaya. DESCRIPTION: Our body consists of five elements i.e Akash, Vayu, Ja..
Kitchen Remedies: The Ayurvedic Way
AUTHOR: Dr. Anand Moreshwar Raut. DESCRIPTION: The contents of this book is the collection of the in..
Health in Your Hands by Devendra Vora: Vol 2
AUTHOR: Devendra Vora. DESCRIPTION: Instant Diagnosis & Cure of serious diseases. The book contains ..
Health in Your Hands by Devendra Vora: Vol 1
AUTHOR: Devendra Vora. DESCRIPTION: Based on Acupressure / Reflexology & other Natural Therapies. Si..
Healing Touch Ayurvedic Massage
AUTHOR: Dr.Subhas Ranade. DESCRIPTION: This book deals with various aspects from history, basic prin..