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Organic Powder / Churna

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Org.Bhringraj Powder
Healthy Hair Support. Help Strengthen the Hair Roots & Promote Healthy Hair*. INGREDIENTS: Eclip..
Org.Turmeric Powder
Natural Antioxident. Help support immunity through detoxification.*. INGREDIENTS: Organic&..
Org.Triphala Powder
Help support detoxification and healthy function digestive system*. INGREDIENTS: Organic&n..
Org.Amla Powder
Natural Antioxident*. INGREDIENTS: Organic Amalaki fruit (Emblica officinalis)  Supplement..
Org.Tulasi Powder
Help reduce excess Kapha and promote immunity*. INGREDIENTS: Organic Amalaki Occimum ..
Org.Brahmi Powder
Mental Support*. INGREDIENTS: Organic Bacopa monnieri Supplements Facts: Se..
Org.Yastimadhu (Licorice) Powder
Respiratory support*. INGREDIENTS: Organic Glycyrrhiza glabra (Licorice). &..
Org.Sitophaladi Powder
Help reduce excess Kapha and promote well being in cold*. INGREDIENTS: Made with Certified ..
Org.Shatavari Powder
Help support female reproductive system*. INGREDIENTS: Organic Asparagus racemosus.&n..
Org.Shankapushpi Powder
Memory support*. INGREDIENTS: Organic Clitoria ternatea. Supplements Facts: ..
Org.Shallaki (Boswellia) Powder
Joint and Muscle Support*. INGREDIENTS: Organic Boswellia sarrata.  Supplements ..
Org.Punarnava Powder
Help Support proper function of kidney and adrenals*. INGREDIENTS: Organic Boerhaavia..
Org.Neem Powder
Help support healthy skin*. INGREDIENTS: Organic Azadirachta indica leaf.  ..
Org.Manjista Powder
Help support detoxification and healthy blood*. INGREDIENTS: Organic Rubia cordifolia..
Org.Kapikachu (Mucuna) Powder
Help support relaxation*. INGREDIENTS: Organic Mucuna pruriens (Cowhage)  S..