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SCALP TONIC. Fortifies the hair & makes it stronger. It also helps to remove loose dandruff flak..
Shahnaz Husian : Arnica Shampoo
All in one shampoofor making the hair appear healthy & manageable. It contains plant extracts such a..
Shahnaz Husian : Arnica Hair Oil
This formulation containing Arnica with other herbal extracts, helps to improve hair texture, remove..
HENNA HAIR CONDITIONING POWDER. Pure henna leaves with a number of precious herbal ingredients like ..
HAIR CARE & CONDITIONING POWDER. A unique formulation for hair care, enhancing the strength, health ..
Shaneem - Neem Scalp Cleanser
A unique formulation which helps to remove dandruff & other impurities providing protection from dry..
Shaneem - Neem Hair Treatment Oil
This preperation contains Neem & other precious oils, which help to enhance hair beauty, strengthen ..