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Hangla (Food)
Bengali Cooking & Food Magazine. Monthly Issue. ..
Camphor is a colorless or a white crystal product obtained from the wood of the camphor tree.  ..
Yastimadhu Tab
Raspiratory Support*. INGREDIENTS: Glycyrrhiza glabra extract 375 mg. SUPPLEMENT FACTS: Se..
Varuna Tab
Kidney & Urinary Tract Support*. INGREDIENTS: Crataeva nurvala extract 375 mg. SUPPLEM..
Turmeric Tab
Natural anti-oxidant & Immunity Support*. INGREDIENTS: Curcuma longa extract 375 mg. S..
Tagara Tab
Relax mind and promote sleep wellness*. INGREDIENTS: Velerian wallici extract 375 mg. SUPP..
Shallaki Tab
Joint & Musle Support*. INGREDIENTS: Boswelia sarata extract 375 mg. SUPPLEMENT FACTS:..
Sena Leaves Tab
Natural laxative. Help relief constipation*. INGREDIENTS: Cassia angustifolia extract 375 mg.&n..
Punarnava Tab
Kidney & adernals support*. INGREDIENTS: Boehravia diffusa extract 375 mg. SUPPLEMENT ..
Manjistha Tab
Healthy blood and skin support*. INGREDIENTS: Rubia cordifolia extract 375 mg. SUPPLEMENT ..
Gymnema Tab
Balance Healthy Blood Sugar*. INGREDIENTS: Gymnema sylvestre (Gurmar) extract 375 mg. SUPP..
Goskhura Tab
Urninary tract support*. INGREDIENTS: Tribulus terrestris extract PACKED IN 375 mg.  ..
Garlic Tab
Healthy Cholesterol Support* INGREDIENTS: Allium sativum extract 375 mg. SUPPLEMENT FACTS:..
Diabetic Guard Cap
Balance Healthy Blood Sugar*. INGREDIENTS: Gurmar (GymnemaSylvestre) leaf, Jamun (Eugenia jambo..
Brahmi Tab
Mental Support*. INGREDIENTS: Bacopa monneri extract 375 mg. SUPPLEMENT FACTS: Serving siz..