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Shatavari Tab
Support Female Reproductive System.* INGREDIENTS: Asparagus racemosus root Extract 375 mg. ..
Punarnava Tab
Kidney & adernals support*. INGREDIENTS: Boehravia diffusa extract 375 mg. SUPPLEMENT ..
Mucuna Tab
Mood Enhancer.* INGREDIENTS: Mucuna pruriens seeds extract 375 mg. Serving size -1 tab, Se..
Guduchi Tab
Help Support Immunity.* INGREDIENTS: Tinospora  cordifolia extract Steam / Root 375 m..
Goskhura Tab
Urninary tract support*. INGREDIENTS: Tribulus terrestris extract PACKED IN 375 mg.  ..
Bhumi Amla Tab
Liver Support.* INGREDIENTS: Phyllanthus niruri extract (Fruit) 375 mg. Serving size -1 ta..
Help control hyper-acidity & indigestion*. INGREDIENTS: Phyllanthus emblica Extract, Glycyr..
Ashoka Tab
Menstruation regulator.* INGREDIENTS: Saraca ashoka bark extract 375 mg. Serving size -1 t..
Arjuna Tab
Cardiovascular Support*. INGREDIENTS: Terminalia arjuna extract 375 mg. . SUPPLEMENT FACTS: Ser..
Yograj Guggulu
Vata balancing formula for Joints, Muscles & Nerves*. INGREDIENTS: EXTRACT- Cuminum cyminum..
Triphala Guggulu
elp support detoxification & metabolic function*. INGREDIENTS: Phyllanthus emblica Ext, Ter..
Kaishore Guggulu
Balancing Formula for the Joints and Muscles*. INGREDIENTS: Tinospora cordifolia Ext, Zingiber ..
Kanchnar Guggulu
Thyroid & Lymphatic Wellness*. INGREDIENTS: Bauhinia variegata Ext, Terminilia bellirica Ex..
Hangla (Food)
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