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Eucalyptus Oil
Massage Oil. INDICATION: Helps breath easy. Supports respiratory health, Sotthes tired & sore mu..
Copper Bedisde Café Set
Contains pure Copper hammered finished 1 Jug and 2 Glass, Size: Jug Height 8" Capacity 1 Liter...
Copper Mist Set
Contains pure copper hammered finished 1 bottle and 2 glass. Size: Bottle Height 10 1/2" Capaci..
Tulsi Extract Tab
Indication: Balance Kapha & Immunity Support*. INGREDIENTS: Occimum sanctum leaf Extract&nb..
Natural Antioxident. Help support immunity through detoxification.*. INGREDIENTS: Organic&..
Help reduce excess Kapha and promote immunity*. INGREDIENTS: Organic Occimum sanctum ..
Org.Guduchi Capsule
Immunity Support*. INGREDIENTS: Organic Tinospora  cordifolia (Giloy) 500 m..
Org.Ashwagandha Capsule
Anti-Stress & Vitality*. INGREDIENTS: Organic Withania somnifera 500 mg.&nbs..
Diabetic Guard Cap
Balance Healthy Blood Sugar*. INGREDIENTS: Gurmar (GymnemaSylvestre) leaf, Jamun (Eugenia jambo..
Guduchi Tab
Help Support Immunity.* INGREDIENTS: Tinospora  cordifolia extract Steam / Root 375 m..
Help regulate Bowel Movement* INGREDIENTS: Holarrhena antidysenterica bark 500 mg. Packed ..
Camphor is a colorless or a white crystal product obtained from the wood of the camphor tree.  ..
Brahmi Tab
Mental Support*. INGREDIENTS: Bacopa monneri extract 375 mg. SUPPLEMENT FACTS: Serving siz..
Shatavari Tab
Support Female Reproductive System.* INGREDIENTS: Asparagus racemosus root Extract 375 mg. ..
Punarnava Tab
Kidney & adernals support*. INGREDIENTS: Boehravia diffusa extract 375 mg. SUPPLEMENT ..