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Massage Oil. INDICATION: Helps breath easy. Supports respiratory health, Sotthes tired & sore mu..
Organic Massage Oil. 100% Pure Vegetable Glycerine. INGREDIENTS: Vegetable Glycerine. UNIT SIZE: 110..
Organic Massage Oil for Teeth and Gum. 100% Pure Steam Distilled Organic Essential Oil. INGREDIENTS:..
 BRAHMI MASSAGE OIL. INDICATION: Massage oil for sound sleep and memory INGREDIENTS: Bacopa mon..
Neem Guard Oil
Neem Guard Body oil combines active plant extracts in carefully balanced formulation to give you the..
Oli Oil
HERBAL BODY OIL. Help makes skin soft, smooth & radiant. INDICATIONS: Helps maintain healthy & radia..
Mahabhringraj oil (Large)
TRIDOSHIC SCALP MASSAGE OIL. This oil is specially formulated for daily self-massage on scalp. INDIC..
Ashwagandha Oil
REJUVENATES & PROMOTES VITALITY & STRENGTH. Ashwagandha is rejuvenative & helps maintain proper nour..
Stress Guard Anti Stress Massage Oil
MASSAGE OIL FOR STRESS & FATIGUE. This is an unique herbal combination which increase the resili..
Neem Oil
SKIN SUPPORT FORMULA. The cooling properties of Neem Oil helps combat eczema, psoraisis, skin rashes..
Neelgiri (Eucalyptus) Oil
SOOTHES MUSCLE PAIN, STIFFNESS & INFLAMMATION. Neelgiri Oil has germicidal effects to ease pain in m..
Mahanarayan Oil
MASSAGE OIL SOOTHES MUSCLES & JOINTS. Mahanarayan oil balances VATA dosha. A nourishing & strengthen..