Who We Are


Our store was originally founded in 1987 as one of the few local stores where you could find everything India has to offer. With the support of the thriving South Asian community and culture in New York, it has now transformed into a trustworthy brand with locations on 74th street in Jackson Heights, East Midtown Manhattan, and Floral Park. 

We are passionate about preserving and passing on ancient knowledge on Hinduism, philosophy, yoga, Ayurveda, and spirituality. Indian culture and heritage are synonymous with the Butala Emporium brand - our mission of keeping tradition alive is rooted in the highest quality and utmost honesty in our products and services. This has allowed us to cater to the diverse and changing desires of our customers for the past two decades while promoting our community‚Äôs culture. 

With the guided expertise of our revered Ayurveda specialist who has over 35 years of experience, we are able to offer the most extensive catalog of 100% natural herbs and supplements, with USDA certified Organic ingredients and NYC-Department of Health and FDA suggested lab testing for heavy metals. In order to ensure quality sourcing and purity, I have even developed my own herbs and supplement brand, LeafCare. 

I am humbled by the support of my loyal community and am committed to serving the desire for authentic Indian culture and tradition in the United States. I look forward to connecting many more of my customers with the values that Butala Emporium cherishes so dearly. Visit us today! 

- Shaswat Butala, CEO