Mahabhringraj oil


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TRIDOSHIC SCALP MASSAGE OIL. This oil is specially formulated for daily self-massage on scalp. INDICATION: Helps to prevent premature graying & hair fall. Encourages healthy hair growth & better sleep. Soothes & invigorates the sense organs. Mahabhringraj Oil made with certified organic Bhringraj in the base of certified organic sesame oil, meets the highest standards of quality control measures. INGREDIENTS: Eclipta alba, Rubia cordifolia, Red Sandalwood, Sida cordifolia, Curcuma longa, Mesua ferrea, Sesame oil. (Bhringraj, manjith, Padmaksh, Sandalwood, Kharenti, Naagkeshar, Daruhaldi,sariva etc in til tail) BAIDYANATH PRODUCT.

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