Mahanarayan Oil


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MASSAGE OIL SOOTHES MUSCLES & JOINTS. Mahanarayan oil balances VATA dosha. A nourishing & strengthening oil with analgesic qualities used to soothe sore muscles & joints. Helps rehabilitate those suffering from disorders due to high Vata. INDICATION: Supports confortable joint movements. Promotes healthy muscles & tendons, Soothes pain, stiffness & inflammation, Pacifies excess Vata. INGREDIENTS: Seasme oil, A. marmelos, W. somnifera, S. indicum, T. terrestris, C. juncea, S. cordifolia, E. indica, S. xantho-carpum, B. diffusa, P. suaveolens, A. racemosa, V. roxburghii, Z. officinale, L. polyantha, H. inter media, A. calamus, B. morosperma, M. museifera, C. offinarum, C. sativus. (Satavari,Rasna, Ashwagandha, Chatusparni, Agar,Sadhava, Jatamansi, Punarnava,Bala ,Brihanti, Keshar etc in til taila.) DIRECTION: Gently massage on affected parts. BAIDYANATH PRODUCT.

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